Creating a font using Bitmap Font Builder.


Bitmap Font builder was created by Thom Wetzel and is available at It's a great little program and the entire basis for this project. It's email-ware, so email him and tell him how awesome he is.

This tutorial assumes you know how to install and run the program, we'll begin with the program open.

Choosing the right Character Set

Fontlib assumes you're using NeHe styled fonts, so select that style by going to

Character Sets - > NeHe two-font Texture

Many of the features are obvious, so I'll let you play with them. My only suggestion is that you use a consistent alignment for every font you use, since their alignment changes where the characters are in FontLib.

Saving the TGA

After you've finished selecting what which font you'll use, it's time to save that font. FontLib loads both 8-bit .tga fonts and 24-bit .tga fonts generated using this tool. My personal suggestion is going with 8-bit unless you want this tool to color your fonts.
Step 1: open the save dialog
File -> Save 8-bit TGA or
File -> Save 24-bit TGA

Step 2: Pick a name for your new tga (I'll assume you've seen the file dialog before)

Step 3: Choose alignment. After choosing a name, select Top Left.

Saving the Widths

Fontlib uses byte widths to create a byte format width to produce a true-type-like effect with the fonts it produces. To use the library, you'll have to generate one.
Step 1: Open the width dialog
File -> Save Font Widths(Byte Format)

Step 2: Pick a name for your width file.