Edoust was created as part of CIS 471 - Introduction to AI at the University of Michigan - Dearborn during my undergrad studies. The program allows you to play the Chess variant Joust. This clone using minimax with alpha / beta pruning to produce a mildly challenging opponent

How to Play

  A player is given control of the white knight, and the computer is given the control of the black knight, each represented by a teapot. The players cannot occupy a square more than once, and cannot take each other. The object of the game is to force your opponent into a corner, where they have no more moves. White always moves first.

All player interactions use the right mouse button, simply click on the cube you wish to move to.

KeyWhat it does
Up Arrow Move Camera Up
Down Arrow Move Camera Down
Left ArrowMove Camera Left
Right ArrowMove Camera Right
A Move Camera Forward
Z Move Camera Back
XRotate Camera Clockwise Around Z Axis
CRotate Camera Counterclockwise Around Z Axis
FRotate Camera Clockwise Around Y Axis
VRotate Camera Counterclockwise Around Y Axis


  Download Version 2.0

Bugs and Issues

  - Instructions are available in the directory where program is installed, but not in the start menu.
- Installer adds a registry key to allow windows to uninstall from add / remove program menu. When I fix the previous bug, I'll remove this feature, simply because no one likes me to mess with their registry.
- Inorder to exit the program, you must first press escape, then exit. It will leak a small amount of memory if you fail to do this.
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