Blogs , Blog-like and Forums

NeHe demi-god of OpenGL tutorials a great number of tutorials and some ok forums
Gamasutra online game developer magazine. not bad, need I say more?

Odd Todd Pretty funny, good for a laugh.

Interesting Web Sites

Superbible Creater's web site - If you have to use AUX, use his, it has less memory leaks


OpenGL Man Pages
Glut 3 Specification (a bit outdated)

Wicked Small Games Some small games to enjoy when you're bored.

Online Red Book Links

(current verson is 1.5/ 2.0)
OpenGL Programming Guide 1.1(Red Book)
OpenGL Programming Guide 1.1(Red Book)
OpenGL Programming Guide 1.0(Older Red Book)


PolyCount, a nice free place to get 3d models
Pixia A freeware paint that give photoshop a run for its money.
3d cafe Free textures and way too detailed models.
MilkShape 3d a nice and cheap 3d modeler.
Open Source Web Design A good start to any webpage and a good place for ideas.
How to Create I copied the Nested list collapsing script from this site. As long as you follow his terms and conditions, it's free, as well as many other useful scripts.

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