Moon Lander


This game was created for a final project in CIS 376 - Advanced Software Engineering for my Undergrad at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. The requirements were to create a 'substantial' program using the Personal Software Process. I choose to clone one of my favorite games as a kid, Lunar Lander from the Odyssey 2 console, a four-bit system popular in the late '70s, but not terribly popular. Lunar Lander itself was a clone of popular space landing available for the HP calculators, Apple computers, and many others. The program itself is not my best work, but it's one of my first attempts at non-text gaming and Win32 programming. It's fun, but very short.

How to play

  The gameplay is very simple, try to launch your rocket as high as you possibly can and land your ship without running out of fuel.

KeyWhat it does
Up ArrowFire rockets
SpaceReset game
EscapeEnd game


Download Version 2.0

Download Version 1.01

Bugs and Issues

  - Instructions are available in the directory where program is installed, but not in the start menu.
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