Pizzeria Panic


This is an entry into the 2nd 72-hour game competition ran by 72hourgdc.com by myself, peon and PyroFreak. It won #2 in Originality and #2 in Gameplay out of 37 entries.

I think Tanuki X, one of the judges in the competition, sums up the game better than I could.

If you play long enough, Pizzeria Panic truly lives up to its name. The understated, humorous sounds give it personality where its programmer-art graphics do not. It is exceptionally (and surprisingly) fun to play, and due to this it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the .deliver an order to the customer. entries. That, and the authors innovated a bit by adding in .don't shoot the customers while fending off ninjas and pirates.. The game control is a little awkward due to the keyboard/mouse controls, but hardened FPS types probably won't blink until level 4. This will certainly be a game that I play after the compo is over.

How to play

  Pirates attempt to steal your pizzas, while ninjas simply attack you.

Left click throws weapon. Right click picks up and delivers pizzas if you're close enough.

WASD and arrow keys move.


  Pizzeria Panic Contest


 - Level 4 will crash eventually due to a null pointer.
- Right click and left click instructions are reversed on the instruction screen.

Design Issues

- Both me and peon play FPS using the keyboard and the mouse, so we had no problem with that user interface. A non-gamer will have lots of problems using it, however.
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