Slime King I


Slime King I was produced in CIS 587 - Game design during my Graduate studies at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. Version 2.0 was produced using SDL and OpenGL a year later in order to correct bugs in the original version. The game itself is inspired by and shares similar gameplay to Dragon Warrior for the NES by Square-Enix, not to be confused with Dragon Warrior Monsters or later games in the series, which uses a different and more complicated combat system.

Right now, 1/3 of the design document is written for Slime King II, although I'm still trying to design the game in order to create a new and innovative console style RPG while keeping with the lite RPG theme. After finishing the new Slime King II engine, I plan on remixing Slime King I so it won't infringe on trademarks held by Square-Enix, which I hold no rights to.

A detailed list of what is trademarked by Square-Enix, which I hold no rights, is available within the design document.


The Great Slime, King Slime, was the first slime in slime valley. After slithering down the mountains, he could not make it back up, so he decided to settle slime valley, creating slime village. Soon, as news spread of a vast slime empire, first level warriors would wander into slime valley to gain experience, only to be greeted by King Slime. This act would usually result in the death of the warrior, however, sometimes King Slime would free a warrior if he felt that warrior had noble goals and just too weak to fight anyone else.

One day, a hero wandered into slime valley, named Kane. King Slime took pity on the young hero, and allowed him to leave slime valley unharmed. Kane returned the next night with tenth and twelve level warriors he tricked into coming into the valley. The warriors made short work of King Slime, and then went into the dragon.s lair, never to be seen again.

Years past, and Kane's descendants now occupy the valley, making the slimes prisoners of Slime Village, and allowing their children and pets to pester the slimes. To make matters worse, a dragon has awoke in a cave nearby the castle, and, like most dragons do, has taken the princess. The king has decided to recruit and knight warriors in order to deal with the problem. The warriors have been attacking slimes more and more, trying to gain experience to attack the dragon, which no warrior yet has succeeded. The slimes are few in the valley, and if something isn't done soon, the slimes will ultimately be wiped out of slime valley.

How to play

ControlWhat it Does
Directional ArrowsMove left, right, up, down
SpaceOk, or talk to whomever you're currently facing
EscapeBrings up exit menu.
Left altCancel


Download Version 2.1  


  • Going to the quit menu during an attack animation with freeze the game in its current state. The game will still allow you to restart or exit. Being attack may also show this bug, however, I am unable to produce it.
  • Dog graphic is see through. Will be replacing dog graphic in verson 2.2 or 2.3
  • Uninstall does not uninstall completely if a save file exists. This is due to a setting in nsis that will abort uninstall if something goes wrong, i.e., the unexpected save file.


  • Slowly replaced Square-Enix's graphics with own graphics.
  • Replace Square-Enix's music with own music.
  • Make Slime King load times faster.
  • Load Music in two steps, rather than on one huge step. To speed up preceved load times

Low Priority Todo

  • Make saving more encrypted. (who cares source is online)
  • Banding problem, everything looks wavy. The fix will require an engine rewrite. Slime King II will have a new graphics engine.
  • Dragon's Lair doesn't have a black box to symbolize its dark. SKII will have Graphics like these.
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